Fortuna is expert in manufacturing and exporting different types of automotive connectors&crimp terminals. With high quality, competitive price.

What are electrical contacts and terminals?

A network of electrical contacts must be implemented to appropriately wire an increasing number of electrical system within the vehicle. Most electrical connectors for the auto industry are comprised of a two-piece socket and tab design. The male and female component ends, made of conductive and flexible materials respectively, allow the connectors to easily attach and disconnect from other pieces within the vehicle.

What are the commonly used materials?

Commonly used material for auto industry electrical terminals included:

Various steel



Phosphor Bronze

Various metal plating such as tin/silver

Fortuna have the technology process including four/multi slide forming, progressive die & metal stamping, VISI software of CAD/CAM, fir EDM and CNC machines to deliver superior custom made products all around the world.