Main Function of Spring Clips 

①Control the movement of machinery, such as valve spring plate in internal combustion engine, control spring plate in clutch, etc.

②Absorb vibration and impact energy, such as buffer shrapnel under the car and train carriage, vibration absorbing shrapnel in the coupling, etc

③ Store and output energy as power, such as clock clip, clips in firearms, etc

④It is used as a force measuring element, such as the force measuring device, the shrapnel in the shrapnel scale, etc. The ratio of load to deformation of shrapnel is called the rigidity of shrapnel. The greater the rigidity is, the harder the shrapnel is.

According to the mechanical properties, shrapnel can be divided into stretch shrapnel, compression shrapnel, torsion shrapnel and bending shrapnel. According to the shape, shrapnel can be divided into disc shrapnel, annular shrapnel, plate shrapnel, spiral shrapnel, truncated cone scroll shrapnel and torsion bar shrapnel.

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