Board Level Shielding prevents EMI / RFI radiation and susceptibility and you can isolate multiple components using the same shield.

Fortuna Board level shields are stamped one-piece and two-piece metal cases that help provide isolation of board level components, minimize cross talk, and reduce EMI susceptibility, all without impacting system speed.

Board level shielding is typically stamped from tinplate steel, nickel silver.

Board Level Shielding includes:

  • Circuit Board Shields
  • Slot-Lok Shields
  • Multi-Cavity Shields
  • Custom Circuit Board Shields
  • Surface Mount Shields (SMS)

Available Materials

  • Nickel/Silver
  • Tin/Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Magnetic Shielding Material(mu-metal)
  • Others per request

Samples/Prototypes Available

We offer a wide array of customized solutions for various applications. If you need additional information or samples of board level shielding, call +86 18925882027 or  email us at Our team member will be glad to help you determine appropriate specifications for your board level shielding application. For a quotation, please send a sketch, formal drawing or cad file of your part and the approximate quantity required. You can also leave a message from the below chart to contact us.

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