Characteristics, application and technical requirements of clips/shrapnel


1. Characteristics of clips

The feature of clips is that it has simple twists and turns in one direction – the smallest stiffness plane, while it has large tensile stiffness and twists and turns in the other direction. Therefore, sheet tension spring is very suitable to be used as sensitive element, elastic support, positioning equipment, flexible connection, etc


2. Application of clips

According to the characteristics of the material, it’s used in different environments. The tension spring is widely used in all kinds of touch equipment, and the most commonly used is the straight cantilever type tension spring with the simplest shape. The resistance of the touch piece needs to be small, so it’s made of bronze.

3. Technical requirements for clips

a. Radius of the zigzag part. Most of the tension spring sheets need zigzag processing during forming. If the radius of curvature of the zigzag part is relatively small, a great stress will occur in these parts. Therefore, in order to avoid large stress in the zigzag part, the zigzag radius should be at least five times of the plate thickness in design.

b. The stress at the notch or hole will gather. There are often steps and openings in the tension spring sheet, and stress concentration will occur at the step where the scale changes